Beyond Meat


Beyond Meat

Beyond Meat is a food technology company based in Los Angeles, USA that develops plant-based artificial meat products. The company developed its services to meet the needs of the growing number of vegans and vegetarians around the world. Beyond Meat has developed products that not only taste like real meat, but also have the same texture. The company was founded in 2009, and its products include burgers, sausages, and ‘chicken’ strips’. Last month, Beyond Meat announced its collaboration with McDonalds to create a ‘McPlant’ menu option.

It is not only vegans and vegetarians who buy Beyond Meat’s products; the company has plenty of non-vegetarian customers, too. This is partly because the ingredients are practically free of the risks of cancer, diabetes and other diseases to which the consumption of processed meat is strongly linked. Beyond Meat ingredients include mung bean protein, coconut oil, beet juice extract, and yeast extract – which are all very nutritious!

Unfortunately, Beyond Meat products are not yet available in Japan. However, there are lots of soy-based meat options you can find in supermarkets, restaurants, and health food shops. Even Mos Burger has a ‘Green Burger’ on the menu, now! So, why not give these artificial meat products a try?


・food technology company・・フードテクノロジー企業
・plant-based artificial meat products・・植物由来の人工肉製品
・be free of~・・〜がない
・processed meat・・加工肉
・mung bean protein・・緑豆プロテイン
・soy-based meat・・大豆ベースのお肉
・artificial meat・・人工肉



Beyond Meatの製品を購入するのはビーガンやベジタリアンだけではありません。その理由の一つは、加工肉の消費と強く結びついている癌や糖尿病などの病気のリスクを食材が実質的に含まれていないからです。ビヨンドミートの成分には緑豆プロテイン、ココナッツオイル、ビートジュースエキス、酵母エキスが含まれており、すべてが非常に栄養価の高い成分です。

残念ながら、Beyond Meatの製品は日本ではまだ販売されていません。しかし、スーパーやレストラン、健康食品店などでは、大豆ベースのお肉がたくさん売られています。モスバーガーでさえ、今では「グリーンバーガー」がメニューにあります。ぜひ、これらの人工肉製品を試してみてはいかがでしょうか。


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