Automated Driving in Japan


Automated Driving in Japan

On 1 April 2020, Japanese automotive law was amended so that users of self-driving cars are no longer required to hold the steering wheel during journeys. However, as self-driving systems are not yet fully optimised, the driver is obliged to drive the car themself in the eventuality that the car’s system stops working properly during the journey. As a result, the current law does not allow the driver to drink alcohol or fall asleep at the wheel.

The driver must also be held responsible for any accidents that occur in an automated car. In line with the revised law, Japanese car company Honda will start selling “Legend”, a car with self-driving functions, in March 2021. Honda is attracting a lot of attention as it plans to be the first Japanese car company to sell a car with self-driving capabilities. However, since Japanese law already allows for self-driving cars, it is possible to buy a self-driving car from the American company Tesla and use it in Japan.


・Japanese automotive law・・日本の自動車法
・steering wheel・・ハンドル
・during journeys・・走行中
・is obliged to V・・Vする義務がある
・at the wheel・・運転中に
・in line with~・・〜に伴い
・revised law・・法改正
・with self-driving functions・・法改正に伴い


2020年4月1日、日本の自動車法が改正され、自動運転車の利用者は走行中にハンドルを握る必要がなくなりました。 しかし、自走車のシステムがまだ十分に最適化されていないため、万が一、走行中に自走車のシステムが正常に動作しなくなった場合には、運転者が自ら運転することが義務づけられています。そのため、現行の法律では、ドライバーが飲酒や居眠り運転をすることは認められていません。


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