Prime Air: Amazon’s Drone Delivery Service


Prime Air: Amazon’s Drone Delivery Service

Drones are unmanned aircrafts that can be flown by remote or automatic control. Amazon has been working to develop its own drone delivery service, Prime Air, which the company is hoping to launch within the next few years.

Amazon’s delivery drone has a maximum flight range of 24 km and can carry a weight of up to 2.3 kg. As such, products which used to take several days to reach customers can now be delivered within 30 minutes. It is hoped that once automated delivery by drones becomes a reality, it will lead to reduced labor shortages in the logistics industry.

However, there are still some technical issues that need to be ironed out before Prime Air’s commercial launch. For example, the Amazon drone’s obstacle avoidance ability is not yet fully optimised; the beta model drones are unable to perfectly navigate a route impeded by birds or trees. In addition, drones cannot be used when it is raining or when strong winds are blowing. Despite these challenges, it is expected that drones will be used as a normal part of commercial delivery services in the near future.


・by remote or automatic control・・遠隔操作や自動操縦により
・within the next few years・・数年以内に
・reduced labor shortages・・人手不足解消
・in the logistics industry・・物流業界の中での
・iron out・・解決する
・obstacle avoidance ability・・障害物回避能力
・commercial delivery services・・商業配送サービス

アマゾン ドローン配送サービス「Prime Air」

ドローンとは、遠隔操作や自動操縦で空を飛ばせる無人航空機のこと。アマゾンは独自のドローンによる宅配サービス「Prime Air」の開発に取り組んでおり、同社は数年以内にサービスを開始したいと考えている。




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