Rwanda: An ICT Nation


Rwanda: An ICT Nation

Rwanda is a republic located in East Africa, with a land area of about 26,340 km² (about 1.5 the size of Shikoku) and a population of about 12.21 million, making it the most densely populated country on the African continent. In recent years, Rwanda has experienced rapid economic growth. One of the reasons for this is the spread of information and communication technology (ICT).

In 2006, the percentage of Rwandan households with at least one mobile phone was only 6.2%. Today, about 90% of the population own cell-phones. 40% of them are smartphone owners, who can use apps like Monzo to make payments for buying and selling goods, or use Uber to call motorcycle taxis. Even in Japan, a developed country, it is only in the last few years that the use of such online payment and vehicle dispatch apps has become commonplace.

Rwanda’s leader, President Kagame, has identified ICT as a key part of the country’s economic growth strategy, which has led to the launch of ICT-related entrepreneurial support programs and investment from developed countries – for example, JICA’s collaboration in the development of Rwanda’s ICT human resources.

Today, Rwanda is considered a center of innovation that will drive Africa forward economically, and both developing and developed countries will be closely watching its next moves.


・about 1.5 the size of Shikoku・・四国の1.51倍の大きさ
・the most densely populated country・・最も人口密度の高い国
・In recent years・・近年
・rapid economic growth・・急速な経済成長
・motorcycle taxi・・バイクタクシー
・developed country・・先進国
・last few years・・ここ数年
・vehicle dispatch・・配車
・entrepreneurial support program・・起業支援プログラム
・human resources・・人材
・a center of innovation・・イノベーションの中心地

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