What does LGBT mean?


What does LGBT mean?

LGBT is an acronym for four words: lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender.
‘Lesbian’ refers to women who are attracted to other women. ‘Gay’ refers to men who are attracted to other men. Bisexual people experience attraction to both men and women. Transgender refers to people who do not identify with the gender they were assigned at birth.

In Japan, it is estimated that about 10% of people fall into this LGBT category, but not many people actually openly identify as LGBT. There is certainly a social climate that makes it difficult for LGBT people to feel accepted. In fact, LGBT people are more likely to become targets of bullying than those who identify as straight and cisgender. This is especially true of adolescents who identify as LGBT. Therefore, it is important for school staff in particular to understand sexual minority issues so that they are equipped to support LGBT students.

Of course, it is not just school staff, but all areas of society which should support the LGBT community. In Japan, same-sex marriage is still not recognized and there are few laws to protect sexual minorities. Fortunately, some local governments do provide support for LGBT people; for example, the local government of Shibuya. Tokyo, issues the certification of same-sex marriage. However, Japan has a long way to go in terms of public attitudes towards the LGBT community. Education is the key; If LGBT issues were featured in school curriculums, for example, there would be a substantial increase in awareness in Japanese society.


・fall into・・該当する
・social climate・・社会風土
・be likely to V・・Vそうである
・be equipped to・・整っている
・same-sex marriage・・同性婚
・few laws・・ほとんど法律がない
・local government・・地方自治体






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