Silicon Valley through COVID-19 Part 2


Silicon Valley through COVID-19 Part 2

Then COVID-19 came along. From one month to the next, nearly all tech employees in Silicon Valley were required to start working from home, with companies having to figure out on-the-fly how to adapt to the new reality. From workspace issues such as how to make an employee’s house a comfortable place to work for nine hours a day, to teamwork dynamics where people had to figure out from one day to the next how to operate remotely.

A few months passed and we still saw the new MacBooks coming along, then the new iPhone. A new batch of Pixel phones by Google, and the new Oculus Quest 2 by Facebook. Almost without having realized it, the tech community had proved to the world that it could remain productive while working remotely.

It certainly proved this to company executives. Twitter was the first one to announce that it had told its workers that they could work from home indefinitely. Facebook followed along saying that employees will be eligible to work from home permanently as long as they maintained a strong performance. This pandemic forced the tech industry to test what it had not been courageous enough to test on its own: that a distributed workforce was possible. 

While the results of the pandemic have been disastrous throughout the world, it has ultimately been a relatively positive thing for the tech industry. The situation is making companies start hiring based purely on the candidate skills, rather than location, which ultimately enables them to build more diverse teams, and thus results in better products. Career opportunities in the tech industry may also start becoming more fairly distributed across the globe.

  • be required to V・・Vすること余儀なくされる
  • on-the-fly・・急いで
  • how to adapt to the new reality・・新しい現実にどう適用するか
  • a batch of ・・一束の、一群の、一団の、一組の
  • remain productive・・生産性を維持する
  • indefinitely・・無期限に
  • be eligible to V・・権利がある
  • permanently・・永久に
  • a distributed workforce・・分散された人的資源
  • the candidate skills・・候補者のスキル
  • more fairly・・より公平に
コロナ下でのシリコンバレー パート2


数ヶ月が過ぎても、私たちはまだ新しいMacBookの登場を見ていましたが、次に新しいiPhoneが登場しました。Googleの新しいPixelフォン、Facebookの新しいOculus Quest 2。ほとんど気づかないうちに、技術コミュニティは、リモートで仕事をしていても生産性を維持できることを世界に証明していた。




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