Silicon Valley through COVID-19 Part 1


Silicon Valley through COVID-19 Part 1

Silicon Valley has traditionally been known as the hub for world-changing tech innovation, for reasons ranging from the existence of a large pool of tech talent, the presence of top-grade universities such as Stanford and Berkeley, the ready availability of venture capital, and maybe more defining, the Gold Rush mentality and pioneering spirit that originally brought the first Americans to explore the West Coast of the North American continent back in the 1800s. Over the years, several world-famous companies made that patch of land their headquarters: Apple, Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Uber to name a few. The valley attracted people from all over the world, as a place of opportunity.

In recent years, the area began suffering from several difficulties. As more and more people flocked into the area, real estate pricing spiked to become one of the most expensive in the world, with the homeless population almost doubling in the last 15 years. Commuting time also increased substantially, due to the increase in overall traffic and lack of good public transportation infrastructure. Immigration policy in the US also showed its crippling limitations: an H1B Visa, which would be a matter of a few months of paperwork 10 years ago, currently involves a lottery with a 1 in 5 chance of making it through.

  • traditionally・・伝統的に
  • hub・・中心地
  • a large pool of tech talent・・技術的才能の豊富な人材の存在
  • he presence of top-grade universities・・最高峰の大学の存在
  • the ready availability of venture capital・・ベンチャーキャピタルを簡単に利用できること
  • the Gold Rush mentality・・ゴールドラッシュの精神
  • the North American continent・・北米大陸
  • real estate pricing・・不動産の価格
  • flock into the area・・そのエリアに群がる
  • spike・・急上昇する
  • homeless population・・ホームレスの人口
  • commuting time・・通勤時間
  • substantially・・相当
  • lack of good public transportation infrastructure・・不十分な公共交通期間のインフラ
  • Immigration policy・・移民政策
  • crippling・・壊滅的な影響[打撃]を与える、非常に厳しい
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