①Mujin Konbini / Unmanned convenience stores: Part 1


Mujin Konbini / Unmanned convenience stores: Part 1

In recent years in Japan, the term ‘mujin konbini’ or ‘unmanned convenience store’ has become more and more frequently used, with konbini chain Ministop announcing that it will set up 1,000 unmanned convenience stores throughout the country by 2021. A mujin konbini is a convenience store that does not have any cashiers. However, because staff are still needed to clean and stock the shelves, it is not completely unmanned. In Japan, the concept of mujin konbini is still in the development stage, but it has already been tested out in China and the United States.

The birthplace of unmanned convenience stores is Seattle, in the U.S., where Amazon opened an ‘Amazon Go’ store in January 2018. This store attracted so much attention that it was featured on TV in Japan. On entering an Amazon Go, customers pull up their Amazon Go app and scan it at the store entrance. The technology can identify when customers pick up an item from the shelves and when they leave the store, and then will automatically charge them for the items they take. There is no cash register and no need to stand in line to pay.

  • unmanned convenience store・・無人コンビニ
  • more and more・・ますます
  • frequently・・頻繁に
  • set up・・作る、セットアップする
  • throughout the country・・全国で
  • cashier・・レジ係
  • stock the shelves・・棚の仕入れ
  • development stage・発展途上段階
  • birthplace・・発祥
  • attracted so much attention・・多くの注目を集める
  • pull up their Amazon Go app・・Amazon Go のアプリを立ち上げる
  • stand in line・・列に並ぶ
無人コンビニ パート1


無人コンビニ発祥の地はアメリカのシアトルで、2018年1月にはAmazonが「Amazon Go」の店舗をオープンしました。この店舗は日本でもテレビで取り上げられるほど注目を集めました。Amazon Go」に入る際、顧客は「Amazon Go」のアプリを立ち上げ、店舗の入り口でスキャンする。この技術は、顧客がいつ棚から商品を手に取るか、いつ店を出るかを識別し、手に取った商品の代金を自動的に請求してくれる。レジもなく、支払いのために並ぶ必要もない。


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