What is IoT?


What is IoT?

IoT stands for ‘the Internet of things’, which describes the global network of billions of physical objects (things) that are embedded with technologies for the purpose of exchanging data through the Internet. Pretty much any physical object – from electronic devices like refrigerators and air conditioners, to soft toys and bicycles – can be connected to the IoT.

Here are two examples of how IoT technology can be used:

1. Data management and analysis

Take cars, for instance. Sensors attached to a car’s engine, brakes, and tires can be used to check the car’s condition via a web connection, making the car owner immediately aware of any abnormalities – even when they are nowhere near their vehicle. Also, past journey data can be stored on the IoT shared database. By accumulating and analyzing this information, IoT technology can help to identify locations and times when traffic jams and accidents are likely to occur.

2. Remote control 

This one is quite exciting to visualize. Imagine being able to control your coffee machine from the comfort of your bed upon waking up in the morning. Then, on the way home from work in the evening, you can run a bath and set the temperature using your phone. It is predicted that within the next few years, it will be commonplace for people to use multiple remote control IoT devices in their homes.

  • physical objects・・物理的物体
  • embed・・埋め込む、はめ込む
  • for the purpose of ・・〜を目的として
  • soft toy・・ぬいぐるみ
  • abnormality・・異常
  • past journey data・・過去の道のりのデータ
  • visualize・視覚化
  • the comfort of your bed・・心地よいベッド
  • on the way home・・家への帰り道
  • set off from ~・・~から出発する
  • run a bath・・お湯をはる、沸かす
  • in the next few years・・今後数年間で
  • commonplace・・当たり前

IoTとは、internet of thingsの略で、モノに通信機能を搭載してインターネットに接続させることである。パソコンや、携帯電話など一般的にインターネットに接続されているもの以外に、冷蔵後、エアコン、車、自転車などもインターネットに接続することができる。








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