Bike Share Systems


Bike Share Systems

A bike share is a service through which people can rent a bicycle for a limited amount of time. Most bike share systems use unmanned stations or ‘docks’, which are special bike racks that lock the bike and release it upon payment by card. This shared cycling culture has already taken root in the United States, with New York’s Citi Lift riders exceeding 10, 000 trips per day.

Bike shares have recently become more and more popular in Japan, too, particularly in urban areas. Hello Cycling is one of the most popular bike share companies in the country and has set up thousands of bike docks outside convenience stores like 7-11.

This year has seen a large increase in Japanese commuters using bike share systems, partly because many people are choosing to avoid trains due to the coronavirus pandemic. The number of bike share users is expected to increase further in the future, but since many Japanese towns and cities do not have fully developed cycle networks, immediate improvements in national bicycle infrastructure will be necessary.

  • Bike Share System・・バイクシェアシステム
  • for a limited amount of time・・一定時間の間
  • unmanned・・無人の
  • bike rack・・自転車のラック
  • take root・・根付いている
  • Lift・・リフト(ニューヨークで人気のあるライドシェアサービス)
  • in urban areas・・都会において
  • set up・・設置する
  • commuters・・通勤者
  • immediate・・早急な





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