Zoom Video Communications


Zoom Video Communications

Zoom is a company that provides communication software over the web. Over the past few years, the business has grown rapidly, with its share price going from $65 upon Zoom’s public launch in April 2019 to over $580 in October 2020.

There were already similar video and web conferencing systems like Skype and Google Hangouts before Zoom came along, but how did this latecomer grow so rapidly?

First, Zoom’s founder Eric Yuan was already very familiar with existing web conferencing systems and their issues before starting his company. Yang was previously an engineer at Cisco’s WebEx. He recognized room for improvement in the platform’s video and audio quality, and so he wanted to create a service to address these issues and other frustrations of existing video conferencing system users. Also, the UI/UX of these existing systems was not sufficient for many users’ needs, particularly as it was difficult to share documents during video conference calls. Zoom’s ‘User First’ design approach was one of the reasons behind the company’s success. And of course, since the current pandemic has made working from home the norm for white-collar workers, there has been a dramatic growth in the number users of web conferencing tools, including Zoom.

  • over the past few years・・ここ数年で
  • share price・・株価
  • before Zoom came along・・ズームが登場する前に
  • existing・・既存の、既に存在している
  • issues・・問題点
  • previously・・以前
  • recognize・・認識する
  • room・・余地
  • address・・取り組む
  • frustration・・不満
  • User First・・顧客第一の
  • behind・・背後にある
  • pandemic・・世界的流行の感染
  • norm・・標準的な状態
  • white-collar worker・・ホワイトカラーの仕事をする人


Zoomが登場する前にも、SkypeやGoogle Hangoutsのような類似のビデオ会議システムやウェブ会議システムはすでに存在していたが、この後発の企業はどのようにしてここまで急成長したのだろうか。



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