Would you choose to be a winner or a loser?


Would you choose to be a winner or a loser?

Most people, if given the choice, would choose to be a winner.
Imagine that you are a graduate student currently working on your thesis and you have just submitted your paper in a contest.

Although there is only one paper that will be selected in the end, your paper is one of the last two submissions to be considered. If your paper is honored here, it will help you win a lucrative grant for future research activities and open the door to future university researcher positions. Naturally, you would hope that your career will be great in the future and you would want your paper to win.

However, when you look at the future success of those who were honored versus those that weren’t, it becomes clear that early successes in life are not the best indicators of future career success.  According to one American study, those who lost or lost by a small margin, often have a better social status and/or higher annual income in life than those who won.

Those who know baseball are well aware of the story of Masahiro Tanaka, a pitcher for the New York Yankees, and Yuki Saito, a member of the Nippon-Ham Fighters. They played a game in Koshien when they were both in high school, and it was Yuki Saito who won the game. However, when it comes to baseball players today, Masahiro Tanaka is without a doubt the more successful player. There are many reasons for Masahiro Tanaka’s success, but one factor is that losing the Koshien game made him a stronger man.

Thus, what seems like a loss at first glance, when you focus on the future, is often a victory in the long-term.

  • graduate student・・大学院生
  • thesis・・論文
  • submit A in B・・AをBに提出する
  • in the end・・最終的に
  • honor・・表彰する
  • lucrative・・有利な、儲かる
  • grant・・助成金
  • those who・・~する人々
  • versus・・~と比較して
  • indicator・・指標
  • small margin・・少し、少しの差
  • annual income・・年収
  • be aware of~・・~を認識している
  • when it comes to~・・(話が)…ということになると
  • without a doubt・・疑うことなく
  • at first glance・・一見すると
勝者、敗者 あなたはどちらを選ぶ?





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