Computer Scientist, Chieko Asakawa

Computer Scientist, Chieko Asakawa


Computer Scientist, Chieko Asakawa

Career History

・Ph.D from The University of Tokyo
・Fellowship with IBM
・Professor at Carnegie Mellon University

Chieko Asakawa is a Japanese computer scientist who uses computer technology to help the visually impaired. She, herself, lost her eyesight and became blind when she was in junior high school. Naturally, she fell into despair and lost the will to live. However, she considered whether there was something she could do, precisely because she was blind, and wondered if she could use the power of computers to help the visually impaired. It is said that there are more than 200 million people in the world who are severely visually impaired and Chieko Asakawa has been helping them.

Chieko Asakawa has been involved in many projects. One of the most famous projects enables the visually impaired to access content on the Internet. In 1997, she developed the world’s first “Home Page Reader”, which is a voice-activated web browser. It enables blind people to access the Internet by reading out the words on the screen.
In 2013, Chieko Asakawa received a medal of honor from the Emperor of Japan for revolutionizing the world with IT. She continues to make a difference in the world today by using IT to solve problems for people with visual impairments.

  • visually impaired・・視覚障害
  • fall into~・・~に陥る
  • despair・・絶望
  • consider・・よく考える、熟考する
  • whether・・~するかどうか
  • wonder・・~だろうかと思う
  • It is said that・・~と言われている
  • severely・・重度の、激しく
  • enables・・可能にする
  • voice-activated web browser・・音声Webブラウザー
  • the world’s first・・世界初の
  •  medal of honor・・褒章
  • revolutionize・・変革を起こす
  • make a difference・・変化を生む


コンピューターサイエンティスト 浅川智恵子

東京大学工学系研究科先端学際工学専攻 博士課程修了
米IBM フェロー




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