Sustaining Innovation and Disruptive Innovation


Sustaining Innovation and Disruptive Innovation

‘Sustaining innovation’ refers to when a company innovates to improve the function and performance of its already-existing products and services in order to meet the needs of its customers. Once a product or service has gained interest from customers and a market has developed, other companies offering similar products will seek to improve the quality of their products For example, smartphone companies will try to stay competitive in the market by improving the battery and durability of their smartphones.

Disruptive innovation, on the other hand, is about bringing a completely new service or product to the market to meet the needs of customers. It is very difficult to create a completely new product or service, but once it has gained interest from customers, it is possible to gain first-mover advantage and have a presence in the market. For example, when an in-home virtual reality game is introduced to the market for the first time, customers can have an unprecedented experience.

Thus, there is a difference between ‘sustaining innovation’, which improves customer satisfaction by enhancing the functionality and performance of existing products and services, and ‘disruptive innovation’, which improves customer satisfaction with completely new products and services.


・Sustaining innovation・・持続的イノベーション


・gain interest・・関心を抱く


・Disruptive innovation・・破壊的イノベーション

・first-mover advantage・・先行者利益

・unprecedented experience・・これまで体験したことのない経験






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