Towards a touchless society


Towards a touchless society

The global spread of the coronavirus has accelerated modern society’s move to a touchless world, and IT companies are working hard to bring touchless products, i.e. devices that operate through sensing motion or presence, to the market. Even before the pandemic, the demand for touchless products was already very high. For example, many people in Japan use the PayPay service to make contactless payments, and most people use contactless cards to go through the gates at train stations. Companies are developing new contactless products at a rapid pace; here are some examples of such products:

Credit cards

VISA has developed a touchless credit card service, which allows cardholders to pay at convenience stores, supermarkets, and restaurants without having to enter a PIN. Also, it is not necessary for customers to carry their cards with them at all times. As long as they have registered the card information on their smartphone, they can use it to make touchless payments. 

Aerial input device

Hitachi-Omron Terminal Solutions, Ltd. is now offering an aerial input device. This allows users to touch a button projected in the air, eliminating the need to touch a physical surface Users can touch the button even if their hands are wet or if they are wearing gloves.


Fujitec Ltd. has succeeded in making the buttons in their lifts touchless. The system uses an infrared beam sensor that reacts to the user’s hand and allows them to press the button for the desired floor. Even if the user presses the wrong button, it is possible to cancel the destination floor without touching anything.

In these ways, the touchless industry is rapidly evolving, and the services mentioned above are already being put to practical use in our daily lives.



・contactless payments・・非接触の支払い

・at a rapid pace・・急速に

・Aerial input device・・空中入力装置


・infrared beam sensor・・赤外線センサー











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