Veterinary scientist Kenichi Tamukai


Veterinary scientist Kenichi Tamukai

Kenichi Tamukai was born in 1973 to a carpenter father and a hairdresser mother. From an early age, he was a great lover of animals. He was not only fond of dogs and cats, but also amphibians, reptiles, birds of prey, and other animals. He studied veterinary medicine at university and spent most of his spare time studying biology. He was particularly interested in iguana and wanted to study them at university, but there were no professors specialising in reptiles at his college. So, he studied independently by reading research papers and so on. 

After graduating from university, he became a veterinarian. Most vets specialise in dogs and cats, but Tamukai wanted to work with amphibians, reptiles and birds of prey as well as dogs and cats. He tried to gain experience in these fields, but there were no veterinary clinics with such opportunities available. Therefore, he opened his own clinic intended to provide treatments for all animal species. Initially, Tamukai’s veterinary clinic specialised in treating animals such as amphibians, reptiles and birds of prey, but few people owned such creatures and it didn’t catch on. He spent all his free time learning how to treat amphibians, reptiles and birds of prey, so that he would be prepared if and when a client came in with such a pet. Word spread that he could treat any animal, and customers came from all over Japan.

Kenichi Tamukai believes that animals have the same value as humans and that it is necessary to recognize their importance.


・birds of prey・・猛禽類
・veterinary medicine・・獣医学
・catch on・・人気になる

獣医学者 田向健一





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